Troubleshooting Pop Ups on ArcGIS Online

05-03-2022 07:27 AM
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I have been attempting to troubleshoot a problem with pop ups for quite some time now and am stumped on the solution to my problem. My problem is that when I bring a map file in from ArcPro to ArcGIS Online, the pop ups are not working properly. I only want a few attribute fields to show up in the pop ups and to have all of them show in the attribute table, but when I view it in AGO, it does not show the full list in the table and only shows the few I have selected for the pop ups. Likewise when I export it with pop ups off, it shows the entire list in both the table and the pop ups. And the "Configure Pop Ups" option in AGO, it temporarily changes both to whatever I select in the configure pop ups option. No matter how I export it or what I do in AGO, it won't fix itself. Does anyone have any suggestions on things I can try or tools I can use to try to fix this problem?

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The table/popup field displays were linked in the Classic Map Viewer, but in the new viewer, you should be able to configure these things separately. I would suggest opening the map in AGOL and editing the popup there, rather than attempting to configure it in Pro. Not all of the settings in Pro popups carry over to AGOL.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS