Trouble getting labels to display as desired in vector tile layer for AGOL

03-22-2022 03:03 PM
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Hello! I am attempting to publish a vector tile layer from Pro to AGOL. 

I have republished the layer a few times to make updates to symbology and labels. Every time I republish, it seems to remember the first settings I had for the labels when I initially published. For instance, when I first published the vector tile, I had some trail labels set to curve along the line. I later decided that the labels should be stacked and horizontal next to the lines, and I changed their visible scale. The newer versions I've published still maintain the curved label and the old scale.

My workflow has been to delete the old service in AGOL before I republish. Some of the changes make it through, but that one has stayed consistent! I tried clearing my cache in Pro and that didn't do the trick, unfortunately. 

Here are some screen shots of my settings. Thanks for the help!





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