Transferring hosted tile layer ownership from one ArcGIS Online organization to another

11-21-2023 03:47 AM
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Hi all,

In short: our firm needs to transfer the tile layer ownership from our ArcGIS Online Organization to our client's ArcGIS Online organization.

I have a lot of drone data that are essentially orthophotomosaics, DSM, 3D meshes, contour layers along with other feature layer data. The data are published in AGOL as hosted Tile layers and hosted Elevation layers and Scene layers. I have created a WebMap and WebScene with the data that is plugged into a one Experience Builder webapp. In addition, there are tile packages, Scene Layer packages and vector tile packages with the source data. Ideally, all of this data should be transferred to the clients' side - so that the client pays the ArcGIS credits for data storage but we would still be able to update the WebMap, Webscene and Experience Builder webapp with new data through collaboration between organizations.

I have found out that the ArcGIS Assistant is a way how to transfer data from one ArcGIS Online organization to another, however, when I tested it I could transfer tile packages, but the published tile layers would not be copied fully, they would still retain the reference to the original tile package from which it has been published. Thus, when I delete the tile package and published tile layer in our organizations' side also the copied tile layer loses the data source. Is there a way on how to transfer these tile layers without republishing all the content again on the clients' side? Also is there an easy way how to update the links in Experience builder once data have been migrated?

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Hey Tom,

Unfortunately I think this is a limitation which I would love to be proved wrong on.

I usually refer to the following python sample to see if an item type will be possible to transfer/clone between organisations -


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Hi David,

Thank you for the answer. Reading through the Cloning content description it is though stated that cloning tool does not clone map services and image services. But I can give it a try.