Transfer credit to author ArcGIS online account, or reactivate it

02-16-2022 09:59 PM
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Capture.PNGI have this activated Arcgis online account, and I have one with some ramming credit, I was wondering if I can switch all the credit for this one to the remaining one since, I have all my projects there

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You need to contact Esri Support to check the possibilities.

There was a time when I had activated a new account instead of upgrading an existing one. It was resolved by the Esri Support team.

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Were you able to transfer the credits!?
I want to buy more credits for arcgis online. The problem is that for new accounts I pay $100 and get 1000 credits. But to add 1000 credits to my existing account is $400 here in Brazil.
I'm thinking of creating a new account and asking to transfer but I would like to know if this is even possible. Thank you if you can share your experience.

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