Total remaining credits reduced but not sure why?

03-16-2020 06:40 AM
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Afternoon (or good morning depending where you are ), 

Is there anyway to check how many credits I started with on ArcGIS online. I have been on annual leave for 2 weeks and on my return the credits seem to have reduced from 500+ to 94.40. This doesn't make sense as we have only been using 0.34 credits per day and I can see no spike in usage/storage while I have been away. It would be quite useful to see how many credits I had 2 weeks ago or at the start of the subscription to prove that 400+ credits have just disappeared.

At the moment I can see total remaining credits, last 30 day usage and last 24 hours along with a graph illustrating this data. However I cant see the total credits at any given time in the past.


Thanks for your help,

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You'll likely have to contact customer support to get a definitive answer. One possibility is that an additional block of credits you had purchased has expired- remember that additional blocks of credits "expire" after 24 months. There's also the possibility of gremlins in ESRI's system. I had a situation where my 1,000 bock of purchased credits was mistakenly zero'd out after 12 months instead of the 24 months they advertise. Again,contacting customer service eventually led to the restoration of the credits I rightfully still had.

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for your reply. I have now contacted ESRI support so hope to have a resolution soon. In the year I have been at the company we havent purchased any extra credits and I assumed that we got 600 credits with the renewal of out licence. Its possible that someone purchased extra credits before I joined that have now expired I guess.

Thanks again.

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I hope customer support was helpful.  I ran into a problem of excessive credits coming out of my account--one month I went up to 150 credits a day. I would view the credit status, and there is a place to download usage data and it didn't add up to what was being charged.  After being escalated two times in tech support, they finally told me I had some sort of "ghost credits" and they gave me an additional 5,000 credits--mainly because it took so long to figure out and the credits kept piling up! Something to really keep and eye on.