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09-16-2021 08:51 AM
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In Owen Evans' blog What's new in ArcGIS StoryMaps (September 2021), we are invited to try out and feedback on the Time widget (beta).

Thanks for including this. It's useful to be able to see the configuration options a bit more easily. Still missing the old Time Aware app!

Here are suggested improvements:

  • Allow a 'Play rate' option on the player for the user to choose speeds of animation.
  • Enable configuration so that some or all of time data can be hidden on the player. This would be useful because sometimes the times or dates have inaccuracies, or it is difficult to show a time period (e.g. geological time) or just need to show a sequence which isn't related to exact times. There are similar issues with the Time Widget in the WebAppbuilder.
  • Playback is jumpy / glitchy compared to classic map if points are clustered.
  • Enable date configuration e.g. MM/DD/YYYY to DD/MM/YYYY etc.

Compare this map in Classic and new Map Viewer:

Hurricane Ida Aug-Sept 2021

and as presented using Web AppBuilder:

Hurricane Ida Aug-Sept 2021 (Web AppBuilder)



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