02-07-2022 04:18 PM
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I do a data pull out of a system that gives me the data in .csv format.  I bring that into a map and set the feature symbology based on one of the fields in the data table.  This is done daily.  I was trying to find a way that the data table could be updated daily and it would keep the symbology.  

Right now, I delete the previous days layer, bring in the new data, literally drop the .csv file on the map, than edit the symbology by one of the attributes in the table.   The attribute in the table and the desired symbols are always the same.

Any ideas on how to make this simpler?

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Michael:   Do you have ArcPro?  I understand from your daily extract to .csv that the attributes for your points are changing.  Do the point features in the data ever change?  That is, are you adding points, deleting points, moving existing points?     Depending on your answers there may be a few options for you.  You can also look at this Esri site to see if the process meets your needs - you may find that the .csv route is not your best option :

Let us know, and keep at it!  I am still using ArcGIS Online Web AppBuilder which is a great platform - use Arcade expressions for some cool things:

Also moving to Web AppBuilder (Developer Edition).

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