Symbolizing Unique Date Field

09-23-2015 10:44 AM
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I have published a map to ArcGIS server to utilize the data in AGOL. My problem revolves around the date field of the original data. Date field is set to Date data type mm/dd/yyyy . I've created a layer within the map to symbolize unique dates off of the Install Date field. First issue is, In my original data it's set to 1/1/1972 but in AGOL it's set to December 31, 1971. Second issue is, in AGOL my feature layer service  when I look to see the field to symbolize I don't see any date fields. So two questions.

Why is the date field being changed in AGOL data? Something underlining?

Can I symbolize data off of unique dates in AGOL where I can in ArcMap?

Any help or documentation to point me to would be appreciated.

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