Switching between polygons and points when basing symbology on multiple attributes

06-16-2021 06:21 AM
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In ArcGIS Online I'm trying to have polygons become points within a single layer (To compensate for limitations within WebApp Builder).

Currently I'm trying to do so by using "Change Style" based on multiple attributes (ParcelType and scale). The parcels need to be colored based on ParcelType, and become points based on scale, that are still colored by ParcelType. Currently if I symbolize by ParcelType and Scale I can change the point size based on scale, and the point color based on ParcelType, but that leaves me with unformmated polygons underneath.

I was wondering if anyone knew how to switch between Polygons and Point based on scale within a single layer, or if anyone knew how to format the polygons underneath points when basing style on multiple attributes.  

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You can style based on map scale, or you can turn on visibility for the layers so they switch over at a certain scale.

I doubt this is possible for a single layer because it is a single layer, which is either point, line or polygon geometry. It cannot be two types at once.

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