Survey123 image url token keeps changing

01-04-2022 12:48 AM
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Hi all,

I am having issues with the image URLs of survey123 attachments. I have been using the URLs to integrate images into a mapping application, which works great until the token changes after a while. I am using javascript to load the images and I have to update the URL in the code every time the token changes.

Does anyone know what triggers the token changes? I think a few times it happened while I was working on an esri application and was somehow logged out, but other times it happened when I was not online at all - so I'm really not sure if it's related to my activity or not.

  • Are tokens automatically updated for Survey123?
  • Can I somehow prevent the token updates?
  • Is there any other way of getting a permanent image URL for the survey123 image attachments?

Would appreciate any hints!


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The tokens will expire automatically.  I don't think you can set them to never expire, but I'm not a developer so take what I say with a grain of salt. 

For my (public) apps, I run this GP tool occassionally to update a URL field for my image attachments.  I've tried to schedule it to run automatically, but that never kicks off for some reason.

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