Survey Layer data requires a token to query from it?

03-31-2022 09:36 AM
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I am using PowerBI to grab data from ArcGIS Online hosted layers. I have two layers, a Scores layer, and our Survey layer.

The Survey layer is what gets updated when our users go out to the field and collect data via Survey123. We then use this collected data in this Survey layer and run python calculations to update the Scores layer.

I then use PowerBI web connector feature to query data from both of these layers. The Scores layer I can connect to, and stay connected to, without an issue. The Survey layer however requires us to do some fidgeting around because for some reason it requires a token to be able to access this data via PowerBI. The issue is that this token changes ever so often, and sometimes immediately after I grab data, so I am having to continuously go to AGOL and take the new service URL with the new token.

I've taken a look at the layers and I have no idea why my Survey layer requires a token but my Scores layer doesn't. Would anyone know why?

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