Struggling to upload CSV and have it recognized by arcgis online

03-20-2022 11:08 AM
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Hi there,

Apologies for this simple question, but I've been trying struggling to upload data from a CSV into ArcGIS Online.

I've followed the tutorials and guides posted, And it looks like the interface has changed.

I have a very simple CSV file, with 3 columns: Name, Lat, Long and about 100 rows. Every video tutorial I've seen shows ArcGIS recognizing that the CSV contains coordinates, and allow users to create a layer. For me, when I upload the file it just gets uploaded as a useless csv that I cannot work with, and cannot create into a layer. Not sure what I am doing wrong or if the interface has changed recently.

Thank you

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Hi there - 

Are you using an organizational account or a public account?

If you are using an organizational account what role do you have? 


You might be able to add the CSV in this manner to a Map (Use Mapviewer Classic to do this)

Add layers to maps (Map Viewer Classic)—ArcGIS Online Help | Documentation

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I am thinking you are confused by the Map Viewer vs. Map Viewer Classic transition? Using Map Viewer Classic you can drag and drop a CSV file onto your map. This creates a layer that is saved with your map, but not available outside your map. Map Viewer does not yet support drag and drop, but will by the July release. A more flexible way that allows the CSV to be used in different maps other than the one you drag and drop, is to add the CSV and then publish it as a hosted feature layer.

If you are using the free, public account, it now defaults to the new Map Viewer (which as mentioned above does not support drag and drop yet). The free, public account does not support publishing hosted feature layers from CSVs, you'd need an organizational account or an ArcGIS for Home personal use account.

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Thank you! You are right, I was having the issue while trying to use the 'new' map viewer. Switched to classic and was able to add a layer from .csv which did the trick. Then I was able to publish that csv as a feature layer! Thanks again.

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