Static or Dynamic IP Address for GeoEvent Server

03-25-2019 12:57 PM
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Hi There, We are in process of setting a windows server (2012) that would host GeoEvent server. 10.6.1. Our Server Admin want to knows if this server needs to have dynamic/static IP address. Our GIS Servers have dynamic IP address but not sure if GeoEvent Server has any specific requirement. Appreciate any feedback. 



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Hi Jay,

The Enterprise stack should be on static IPs as they are critical components.The reason is that these IP addresses are recorded in multiple locations within the back-end of our software and the last thing you want is the component to be inaccessible due to a DHCP lease expiring, especially during an configuration / upgrade.

If you were using a standalone server, there would be less of an impact. As you integrate Enterprise components (ie: federating with Portal, configuring GeoEvent with a spatiotemporal Data Store, ect..) the IP address becomes hard coded in the configuration files. When the machine gets a new IP address because it was set to dynamic, these configuration files do not reflect the change.

Pragmatic behavior associated with this could be the inability to validate Data Store in Server Manager, the inability to publish hosted content to Data Store, or the inability to access Portal Home if you are federated.



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