Staging environment for AGOL?

10-22-2019 10:47 AM
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Is it possible to have (or purchase) a staging environment for ArcGIS Online in order to stage and test new data for applications before pushing to production?

So far I'm told I should just change the map service names, but that isn't a true test environment and requires code changes to push to production.

Can we design an environment that meets IT standards for staging and production like we can with ArcGIS Enterprise?

Spotlight Talk: Designing a Robust Environment - Environment Isolation 

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Have you thought about using an internal Portal to stage and test your data and apps and then use a Collaboration workflow to push the application and it's associated data up to AGOL?  The downside to a workflow such as this is that AGOL is 2 versions of functionality ahead of Portal according to ESRI tech support.

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I wish, but AGOL isn't exactly the same technology as ArcGIS Enterprise - The REST endpoint is a MapServer in ArcGIS Enterprise, and a FeatureServer in AGOL.

In AGOL - 

In ArcGIS Enterprise (10.5.1 hosted on an older server)

Also we are behind internally at 10.6.1 and AGOL is 10.7. 

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