Snapping with WFS and Vector Tile in ArcGIS Online with new map viewer

07-21-2021 12:10 AM
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Are there any plans to introduce snapping to the new map viewer on ArcGIS Online? When I press <ctrl> while drawing, I get the new tool which shows 90 degree angles, but no snapping.

When the support of WFS will be added to the new ArcGIS Online MapViewer, are there plant to support snapping, too?

Is it planned to support snapping to vector tile layers?

bye, Nicole


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Esri Notable Contributor

Both are works in progress. Currently snapping is only honored to the editable feature like snapping to close out a polygon. 


WFS support is also in progress and should be coming in the releases planned later this year.

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that sounds great, thanks a lot for your quick response!

Will vector tile snapping be supported anytime?

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