Smart editor not displaying domain description for one template

11-06-2020 11:31 AM
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Having issue with the smart editor in a configurable web app. It's configured to allow editing for three templates. For two of them it presents the domain description (which is what I like), for the third it displays the domain code. How do you change the preference?

The one template that displays the domain code, rather than the description.

And there certainly is an analogous description for the domain. 

You can see the descriptions are consistent for all three options in the domain.

Below is the template for the layer as it was published from Pro. 

Any help on how to coax the graphic in the smart editor to display the domain description of the template, rather than the code, would be helpful. 

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Hi Travis,

Please would you be able to share the layer or web map with the issue so we can investigate this more closely?

Thank you!

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