Smart Editor Custom Time Format

02-04-2021 07:47 AM
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I have several Date fields with Time in a Smart Editor Widget but there seems to be no way to control the format.  Specifically I would like to have HH:MM (no seconds). I am happy with 24 hour format.

So in the Web Map I have defined how I would like it to display but it only honours this in the Popup and the Attribute Table.


Is there a way to not require seconds or at least be recorded in the background and not required as an input?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @CMcDonald , the Smart Editor does not currently support displaying the time based on the format defined in the web map when editing a feature's attributes, as you've specified it will be honored in the pop-up.

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Thanks @AlixVezina for confirming this. Perhaps a possible feature request 🤔