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Simple Arcade Question

07-13-2023 02:46 PM
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Hi there,

I am new to Arcade programming and I have a simple question:

This is a standard scenario: I have created a feature point layer and a related table for use in Field Maps. This is a one-to-many relationship. Someone has gone out and collected multiple records for each point. 

In Map Viewer, I would like the pop-up for the point layer to display the number of records for that point. 

In the point layer's pop-up configuration I enter the following expression:

var relRecord = FeatureSetByRelationshipName($feature, "Rel_table");
var cnt = Count(relRecord);
return cnt;

When I click on any point the total number of records is always 1, even though there are always more than one.

Thank you for the help.

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Hmm, does it work if you filter the related table yourself?

var rel_fs = FeaturesetByPortalItem(...)
var common_val = $feature.CommonField
var rel_rows = Filter(rel_fs, "CommonField = @common_Val")
return Count(rel_rows)

Have a great day!
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Hi Johannes,

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried filtering and still have only the first record returned.

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