Shiny R web map applications?

03-08-2019 10:40 AM
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Yesterday, the new whiz kid in my office was getting on of our researchers excited about Shiny R,  looking at a USGS site like that had live demos of maps with time sliders and interactive dataset selection.  It was pretty slick, but I had to point out that "we can do a lot of that time animation stuff now with ArcDesktop and Pro, no development needed.  And as far as presentations on the web,  you've already told me that you don't want to use AGOL or ArcServer/Portal because you don't want your data on any external system or exposed to the Internet, no matter how well password protected.  But web apps in Shiny R get around this security problem better somehow?"  But they kind of turned away from me and continued talking excitedly about all the cool web presentations they were going to do in Shiny R,  as if I was invisible.  Am I a irrelevant dinosaur?    

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