07-28-2021 04:55 AM
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Can someone explain the differences and now they are used to lockdown a site with a password.. Owner privileges.. Organization privileges.. Everyone..

I have a site with the sharing set to organization.. And the site is requiring  password.. But I thought it had to be shared in a group.. 




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If you haven't looked over it, the AGOL docs have a good number of pages on sharing, the differences between the sharing settings, and the like.

In brief:

  • Keeping an item private means only your user (and your org admin(s)) can view it
  • Sharing with org: any registered user in your same AGOL org can view it
  • Everyone: any user anywhere can view the item, logged in or not

Group sharing can get a little more complicated. Group sharing typically makes your item available to the subset of organization users that belong to that same group. But group sharing can also populate a gallery, a collaboration, the basemap switcher, etc., depending on how the group is configured.

If your site is shared to your organization, it will prompt a login to users outside of the org or not signed in. Is this not the behavior you want to see? Note that an app can be shared publicly, but if it references any layers or services that are not shared publicly, the app may still prompt for a login once that layer/service is loaded.

- Josh Carlson
Kendall County GIS
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