Sentinel Explorer App is Broken

04-27-2020 07:00 AM
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*PLEASE* fix the Sentinel Explorer App. The time slide widget is broken and you cannot chose which image to load. I find this app invaluable to monitor logging operations.

On a related noted, I'd really like to see this become a standard ESRI app. I created an ESRI Idea for it awhile back.



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Steve, as a workaround for the time being you could use the Landsat Explorer instead of the Sentinel Explorer. The time selector is still working in the Landsat Explorer. I would still second your request to get the Sentinel Explorer app repaired!

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thanks, John. I do have that app bookmarked as well. I always go to the Sentinel Explorer first because it has a faster repeat cycle. I know the resolution is the same when you compared the Pan-sharpened vs Sentinel but I also prefer the quality of the Sentinel as well. Something's better than nothing, though!

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