Selection Widget - Default to 'Selectable'?

10-06-2021 10:46 AM
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I have the selection widget in a simple app. I only want 2 layers to be available for selection and have set that up in the widget, but the layers are not selectable by default. The user needs to make them selectable first. Is there any way to make them selectable by default?


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Randy McGregor



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Would this be selectable for pop-ups and view style info or as editable data? In the underlying feature layer if you post as a view, you can enable only certain permissions or attribute editing. I am not sure for your simple app but the code logic would most likely follow the same path of setting up permissions and layer settings per item in your app. If the app doesn't allow that, then perhaps through the data source itself could this be done. A little more technical than I am able to answer with a sure result, but hopefully this will help set you and the right path to answering your question.



Jansen Lyons - Records and GIS Section - Public Works - City of Rio Rancho, NM
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Thanks Jansen,

There is no editing involved. I just tried it with a new layout and it does default to 'selectable.' This appears to be a user-error situation where the user just needs to figure out what he did wrong. Thanks for your input!

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Oookay, I think I see what's happening. I only want 2 layers to be selectable. If I include only those two layers in the web map, they are selectable by default. If I have more layers than that in the web map and select 2 layers to be actionable for the select widget, those 2 layers are not selectable by default.

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Duh - It's the scale-dependency. The select tool will not show layers that are not visible as 'selectable' Makes sense, but they don't become selectable when I zoom into the scale at which they are visible.