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Select multiple domain values

04-01-2020 09:25 AM
Occasional Contributor II

I want to be able to select multiple domain values for a given field when filling out an entry in my hosted feature layer.  Is there any way to do this for a hosted feature layer, or would I have to create a survey in survey123 in order to accomplish it?

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Hi Leif,

As far as I know, selecting multiple domain values can only be accomplished in Survey123 using the select_multiple.  I know the new version of Collector is adding some Survey123 functionality, but not sure if this is one of them.  


Nick Lawalin

Occasional Contributor II

Thanks Nick.  That would be great if they did add that.  It feels rather clumsy to have to go about it through Survey123.

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I believe that is what is being requested in this idea: Create a new Hosted Feature Service Domain Type: c... - GeoNet, The Esri Community 

If you agree, vote for it by giving it a kudo.

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@KoryKramerit has been a few years since this post. Is there any interest from Esri to add this functionality to feature classes, tables, feature services, etc.? It seems like this functionality is fairly common in most software these days.

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