Secure WMS services

03-07-2018 04:16 AM
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Hello Community!

We have the following setup:

Users > IIS (Webadaptor) > WebGIS (WebOffice) > ArcGIS Server (10.3.1) services

Everything runs fine this way. Some users use ArcMap to make a direct connection to the WMS and ArcGIS Server services from ArcGIS Server without the IIS. This is also fine.

But now we want to give out secured WMS services in addition to the services without authentication. The WMS should be secured by a simple username / password combination. We want to use these services for external users so we cant use our LDAP. The IIS / WebGIS is in a DMZ so it is already accessible from the internet. We already have one WMS for testing purposes, but this one is not secured and open to everyone. How can we secure it?

Do you know a way to do that? The final result should be a WMS-Link which needs a user / password when you open it.

Thank you very much. If you need some more information, let me know. 🙂

(Sorry for my englisch, its not my native language).

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I need this too!

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