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Scene service is missing root node

02-04-2019 03:25 PM
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i am trying to create a web layer from a multipatch layer (right click in ArcPro > Sharing > Share as Web Layer) into portal.  it successfully does it, but when i try to add the hosted scene layer into the scene viewer and get the following error message "scene layer is missing root node".  any idea what that means and how to get around it?

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I'm also having this problem publishing from Pro 2.4 to Portal 10.6 using a multipatch feature class in sde. Any help with scene layers is appreciated!

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HI Anna McGarrigle

Are you still encountering this error? I think I can help here. 

If we check the Portal for ArcGIS logs, do we see a specific error? Does the error mention CouchDB? 

Just let me know, maybe we can find a way around whatever road blocks you are hitting. 


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Hi @AndrewWhitman1 

We have issues and we also get the CouchDB error, do you know what we can do to fix this issue?

- Emelie

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Hi Jay, 

I may have some resources for troubleshooting this error. First, I would like to get some additional information: 

  • What version of ArcGIS Pro are you using? 
  • What version of Portal for ArcGIS are you running? 
  • Does your ArcGIS Enterprise deployment include the Tile Cache Datastore? 
  • What is the operating system you are running ArcGIS Enterprise on? 

Troubleshoot Scenes and 3D data

Scene Service is missing Root Node errors

I can provide more details once I know the version you are using here. This error means that the data was not able to be cached within the database that creates these web scenes. Sometimes this is a security issue (SSL 3.0) but other times it is related to the amount of room on the machine where ArcGIS Datastore is installed. 

-Andrew W. 

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I am getting this error with z-enabled point features, but not with extruded polygons in the 3D Layers group.

Is that useful information?


Randy McGregor

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Thanks Andrew.  I think I figured out that I just wasn't letting the publishing "cook".  I got too impatient.  Once I stepped away, everything published ok.  However, it looks like there is another person in this thread that had the same problem.