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07-23-2021 01:41 AM
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Updating hosted layers after “add join” using “calculate field”

I am creating a model to update hosted layer data by using the “add join” tool then “calculate field” tool

But every time I want to calculate a specific field, I notice that the field name is set to (0.”Name”), this creates a problem because ArcGIS Pro cannot calculate a field that starts with a 0.

Is there a way to solve this issue?

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The suggested workflow doesn't change the schema of Hosted Feature Layers in ArcGIS Pro.

Could you not use Map Viewer or Data Tab of the Hosted Feature Layer to execute your workflow? You can also calculate the fields there.

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Hi, I might wasnt very clear in my first message.

I have a web map on AGOL containing multiple feature layers (villages, District, Governorates)

I need to update the fields of the layers on a daily basis from an external Excel of COVID Cases.

I opened the map from ArcPro and joined the table then calculated the fields; however, I need also to spacially join the other layers which is time-consuming;

therefore, I created a model builder to conduct the steps and it worked on my desktop layers.

however, when applying the model to the web map through ArcGIS Pro it sends me an error as described in my first comment.

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