Restrict subtypes available to create new feature

08-28-2023 10:20 PM
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I have a layer to capture internal notices for development that need to be assessed by our environmental team. I have created a layer which includes fields to be entered by the proponent and fields for the assessment team. I have created a subtype for the assessment stage of the submitted notice as "Not Started", "In Progress" and "Completed". 

I wanted to create a map in which proponents can define the area of a new development and wanted to restrict editing to only new items that assessment had not been started on yet. To do this I created a hosted view and restricted the fields to only those editable by the proponent and filtered the data to only show items matching the subtype "Not Started". The hosted view does not display this field to the proponent and yet when I start editing it provides the options to create a new feature of one of the three subtypes. In setting up the subtype it was supposed to set the subtype for a new feature to "Not Started". I only want the proponent to add a new feature of subtype "Not Started" how can i lock this down and prevent the other subtypes displaying as options?



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Follow the steps here for creating feature templates in Map Viewer Classic:

When you get to the part where you click the "Manage" button, rather than adding new feature templates, delete the ones that you don't want.

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