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01-06-2021 03:53 PM
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When querying a layer with the distance parameter, is there a way I can sort the results with the closest feature as the top candidate? 

For example, I want to find the nearest Land Use polygon to a point from a geocode point result on the street centerline (We are querying this layer with 911 dispatch callers to find out the type of land use for unit assignment). We want the top candidate in the results to be the closest land use type (Residential vs Commercial). 

By default, it doesn't sort the results by distance and can cause some issues when we do unit assignment.

Here is a screenshot of my parameters; The geocoding point is actually closer to Commercial but the top candidate shows Residential.



Any feedback would be greatly appreciated! 

Thank you


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If anyone has any idea's that would be great,  as we need to do the same sort on Distance. 

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