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Removing Users from an Organization Account Removes User from ArcGIS Online

05-31-2012 11:21 AM
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If I have a user that owns data, their own data, they then are asked to be a part of the Organization, if I then want to remove the user, I need to delete their data that they brought into the organization which may not be associated with the Organization.  The second issue, I see is when I delete the user from the Organization, which perhaps they were a part of a group of mine prior to be invited to my Organization, they are removed automatically from the group that they belonged to prior to joining the Organization.  The third issue, when the user is dropped from the organization, they are no longer associated with ArcGIS Online.  The user name account is dropped, and therefore the user needs to re associate the user account (Global ID) with ArcGIS Online.  I cannot just invite them to a group, they have to completely start over with ArcGIS Online, which perhaps is the biggest issue compared to the above.
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Thanks for the questions, Mike
As it turns out, I had not deleted BAO related content from each user account.
When I did, all worked well and I was able to delete the accounts.
This process might be a bit of a constraint for schools who wish to integrate AGO exercises with Maps for Office in high enrollment classes each semester.
I would love to hear any suggestions for managing that task properly.
Thanks again,
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Hi I have problem to delete my arcgis online account. I can't see anything "delete account" or something thing like that. How can I solve my problem?


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If this is a 30 day trial and you don't end up subscribing, the account will automatically be deleted. Alternatively, you can contact Esri technical support, provide your username and subscription ID and your account can be deleted.

Contact Tech Support



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