Remove gnss metadata json attachment from popup

08-31-2023 09:13 AM
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Is it possible to hide the _gnss_metadata.json attachment in the "new" Map Viewer without disabling attachments in popups entirely? It just confuses users and adds unnecessary clutter. This was never an issue in the Classic Map Viewer.


Am I missing something? I found an idea post at the link below, but there are no comments on it.

Ability to select Attachment type when adding atta... - Esri Community

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That's odd - what are you using to collect data? Never seen gnss_metadata stored as a json through field maps or survey123.

Pretty sure you could modify this arcade function to only include photos.

Show Attachments in Pop-ups with Arcade Expression... - Esri Community

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Thanks for the suggestion, Clay. The method you referenced looks like it only works on layers shared publicly. I can't make this one public, unfortunately. I'm going to look into this option a bit further.

In this particular case, I'm seeing the GNSS metadata attachment on a polygon I created on my iPhone (no external GNSS unit or anything). However, I've seen it before on features created with Trimble R1 and Catalyst units.

Edit: the polygon was created in Field Maps and the layer has GNSS fields enabled.

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@ClaO When you collect line or polygon features with the GPS / GNSS metadata fields present in Field Maps, a JSON attachment is used as part of the process. That is not the case for point features.

There is note relating to this in Prepare for high-accuracy data collection, "To capture GPS metadata for line and polygon features, attachments must be enabled for the feature layer." 

@jmaxwell_braun If the GPS / GNSS metadata fields are present, then when you collect a line or polygon -- even with your iPhone's internal receiver -- a JSON attachment gets created. The presence of the fields seems to be the dependency, rather than what receiver is used.

Hoping someone else can share a solution to generating a clickable attachment list, minus the _gnss_metadata.json file, and for non-public layers. We often have photo attachments that we want included in the popup, but not the json file.

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Has anyone opened a ESRI ticket for this? We are wondering about this as well. 

I also noticed that these do not show up in the attachment table in an enterprise database which I thought was interesting.