Related table not showing up in Collector

07-11-2019 06:23 AM
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I have a simple relationship class between a feature class (Parcels) and a table (account information).  These are existing datasets, so I couldn't use GUID or Global ID.  The only common field was the address.  The relate works perfectly in AGOL, but when I view it in Collector it doesn't display.  I double checked to make sure the pop-ups where indeed enabled, but still nothing.   If anyone would like to take a look at it the geodatabase is attached.  FYI- This relate used to work in Collector.  Not sure what changed.

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Hi Justin,

I tested with the attached FGDB and Collector 20.1 on iOS - I can see the related records as expected. What version of Collector was this on? Is the issue still occurring? 

If the issue is still happening I would recommend contacting Esri Support - let me know and I can get a case created on your behalf. 



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