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Recovering Attachments of Corrupted Feature Layer

11-30-2016 10:47 PM
New Contributor III


I have a feature layer published on AGOL and we have setup a form on Survey 123 pushing records through to the feature layer for about a month or so. I'll avoid describing too much about how this works in Survey 123 as this would be more of a question for the Survey 123 guys.

In short, my feature layer got corrupted for some reason and we have no idea why that happened. The only thing that we think might have caused this is Survey 123 pushing a record with an old schema to our latest feature layer running the latest schema. On inspection through REST, I found that the global ID field was deleted and I couldn't recover any of the attachments linked. We had over 340 over attachments and they have all disappeared . 

Tried a couple of stuff such as creating a replica (failed ), downloading it as FileGDB gives you an error and randomly querying the attachment  ( in REST) based on ObjectIDs all failed. My question is if there is any way I can recover the attachments at all?

I can still see the attachment layer in REST I suspect it is empty but I have no way of checking it.  Are there any other clever ways that I can recover it? 



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