Realtime Radar Web Application Using Living Atlas Data

04-29-2021 01:25 PM
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I am trying to build a web map that will automatically play weather data information for the past 30 minutes to the current time. I have already found a good Living Atlas layer to use, but I can't get the time bar to automatically display, the data to automatically update, and the time slider to update to the current time minus 30 minutes. This is kind of a strange request because the loop will pull the past 30 minutes of data to the current time. I have tried using a web map and also the media map. The media map will only display one current image, and won't loop. Using just a web map the time slider get stuck at whatever time I publish it. Is it possible to have live updating data? We would like to use ArcGIS Online for supporting our field staff and give them a map of live and current radar.


Here is what I have currently:

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