Purchase credit for individual account

12-07-2022 08:47 AM
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Hi all,

Does anyone know any trick or way to buy credits for in individual account?

I spent all my credits, and when I wanted to buy them, esri page redirect me to the local distributer. 

What is weird is that they told me I am not able to buy credits for individual account, I have to purchase another account. The question is if I purchased another account, then how to transfer all contents to the new one?

I contacted ESRI HQ. too, they told I am not able to purchase credits.

I have contents on the current account, and it took me too much time to create all apps and dashboards again on a new one.


My account is disabled now, and I really appreciate any kind of help.😑




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I'm having exactly the same problem. Did you manage to solve yours?

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No, I did not. 
I don't understand esri customer service, there some issues they can simply post the workaround on their page, but they don't do it, and when you contact esri they say, contact your local distributer. When I contacted the local distributor, they told me I cannot buy credit neither renew license, WOW... What??

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