Published Scene does not match Scenes in ArcGis Pro

06-27-2019 06:23 AM
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Hi everyone,

I published a scenes I created in Arcgis Pro to AGOL, but the scenes in AGOL is not what I expected.

First of all, before I published I analysed my scenes and ArcGis showed me that there are no errors or warnings.

When I open my Scenes in AGOL after publishing there are 3 errors, which you can see in the screenshots below.

My buildings and my traffic lights can not be load with the error "Scene service is missing root node", what does that mean?

The towers (red cylinders) I created are shown wrong. As you can see the diameter of the cylinders does not match what i created in ArcGis Pro. I want them to have an equal diameter and just a dynamic height base on there z-value.

What can I do to fix these problems, so that both scenes are identical?

ArcGis Pro

best regards


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For the error root node - can you click on the jobs pane in Pro and see the publishing status for those layers? Even though a link to the scene is given in Pro some layers could still be in the publishing process and you can check your status there.

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For the symbology issue can you share your scene and I can take a look. I cant reproduce this - add the layer using the Add Preset > Thematic Shapes > then symbolize using an attribute to drive the height and maintaining the set width.

Sample scene can be seen here:

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