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Publish tile layer to be used as layer, not basemap

09-19-2023 05:43 AM
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Hi all

I am wanting to publish a PNG image as a tile layer to be used in a map but not as a basemap, I want to keep the Topographic basemap and switch the PNG tile visibility on/off. Ideally without consuming any credits.

From ArcGIS Pro I have tried publishing the image as a Tile Layer with caching locally but when I add the tile to the Map Viewer in AGOL the only option is to have it as a basemap. The tile package is fairly small size (45mb with levels of detail street to county)

Is there something that I am doing wrong or an alternative  process I'm not aware of?

Thank you!

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In Map Viewer, make sure you select the Layers icon, then select Add:


Once you find the published tile layer, you can click the + Add button:



which should add it as a data layer, not a basemap.

Or, you can click on the tile layer itself and choose where to add it:


This will add it to the layers and can be moved above/below other layers, and toggled on/off:




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@abrown8 I am experiencing the same issue. My Tile Layer is defaulting to the basemap even though I simply click "Add to map" and not "Use as basemap".

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@KevinFreibergerJA I did manage in the end, I think it was when publishing from ArcPro to check what the coordinate system of the raster is and ensuring that you set the tiling mechanism to ArcGIS Online.