Publish Maps from ArcMap (ArcGIS Desktop)

12-04-2020 05:42 PM
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Help! I am trying to publish a map from ArcMap (Desktop) to ArcGIS Online and can't figure it out at all. I am stuck on the server step - I do not have a server because I am an individual. Anyone know what to put in there or if this is even possible without an enterprise account? 

I have a the full desktop version and a free online public profile... but will spend the $100 to get the Individual/Creator type if I must because I REALLY want this to work! Some more details... I am trying to publish a 2-D map created in free version of pix4D - a GeoTIFF file - from desktop as a basemap layer to online as a basemap later... file types just aren't matching up. Perhaps someone might have a workaround with the extra details? 

Ultimate goal is to get a high quality GeoTIFF file to show up as a baselayer in ArcGIS Online so people can scroll around and have fun with it. Thanks! 

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To add a map from ArcMap to ArcGIS Online you can go to file, then click share as, then click map package. Then you can click upload to ArcGIS Online. Something else you can try is upload the layer from your ArcMap as a shapefile and then add that to ArcGIS Online.  


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Unfortunately, you cannot publish content from Desktop to ArcGIS Online with a public account. However note from the following documentation: FAQ: Can a user with a public account publish hosted feature services to ArcGIS Online 

"Users can still upload data to their ArcGIS Online account using their public accounts by exporting the feature classes as a shapefile and zipping it using Windows Explorer. However, only 1,000 features can be uploaded."

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