Problems adding Javascript layer as feature layer in ArcGIS Online

12-28-2021 12:13 PM
Occasional Contributor

I'm starting development of feature layers w/ Javascript and need to implement a feature layer.  It seems simple what I am trying to do but perhaps its because I'm a newbie at this.  I have been following the documentation and examples in, such as:

These examples show the JS code embedded in HTML, which I can run in CodePen for the results.  However, what I want to do is implement such as a feature layer, so I can in turn get a URL for the REST API, which in turn I can use in ArcGIS Online to add the layer.  I've been going thru the docs and examples and I see nothing which explains how to do this.

What am I missing?  I have the HTML, CSS and JS code in a textfile which I want to implement as a feature layer, now I am trying to figure out how.  Much thanks!

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