printing and legend errors

04-30-2021 08:01 AM
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When printing (eg. to a pdf) from arcGIS online using the new map viewer, and using a color coded map with gradients, the legend consistently comes out opposite of what it should. For example: if colors are scaled light to dark, 0 being the lightest and 100 being the darkest, the legend will appear correctly while creating the map but then when printing, it comes out the opposite: 100 will be the lightest and 0 will be the darkest. There is clearly something wrong with the code.

I thought this feature had passed beta testing? Seems like its still very beta.

I guess this is one reason why people like to uncheck the legend feature; you are simply better off printing the map alone with a scale, importing it into another program like powerpoint, and then snipping an image of the legend from the viewer and pasting it onto your slide separately. You have more control in how the legend appears too. In fact many people are just bypassing printing altogether, since there is so little control on size of viewport, size of page, etc. and its so buggy.

I don't understand why people would go through the trouble of creating a mapping software and then pay so little attention to how to extract the resulting maps into a static format suitable for use elsewhere. Screenshots and snipping tools notwithstanding - those just seem like crude backups. Yes I know there are some options with Adobe CS extension but that is extremely buggy and time-consuming too. 


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