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Print Directions with Stop Addresses

10-06-2017 11:09 AM
by Anonymous User
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Hello!  Here at the county we were so excited about the routing features in ArcGIS Online.  We were hoping other departments could use this to route out inspections, smoke alarm installs, etc.  It works great except for printing directions.  I followed the instructions to filter the resulting routes by name of route to get just that route's stops.  Then I choose "Route to All Features".  When I click on the printer icon after getting directions, a window opens to show me the directions for the route to each stop. However, each stop is listed as a letter with no other information.  No address is displayed.  I need the directions print out to display at the very least the address for each stop.  The goal is to print these directions and hand out to employees/volunteers to use in the field.  Not having an address listed in the directions for the stop makes it pretty useless to us.  I have searched the internet and read all the supporting documentation without any luck on finding a solution (other than to run on Desktop).  Does anyone know how to get the stops in the directions to have the address information in it?

Thank you!

Angelia Hagopian

GIS Specialist

Onslow County, NC

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