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Predominance Symbology Web Map Dashboard Filter by Categories

10-31-2022 03:23 PM
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I am tasked with creating a web map for use in a dashboard and currently stumped on how to achieve the symbology requested.

The data I have is fish harvest (tabular records joined to polygon centroids). Fish harvest consists of 5 species, by default there was a species_type field and then a count field. So many records for a period of time for the same centroid point.

Overall goal: points are color coded by predominant species harvested and sized based on species harvest compared to 'Total Harvest' in the map for the time period shown. So not at the feature level but map level. I also need to be able to filter by species in the dashboard.

Goal 1: predominant species harvested (color code-coded or pie chart would be awesome).

I transposed the data to have each species be a new field and then corresponding count for that species also as a new field. These were aggregated to certain dates. I followed the predominance mapping and arcade syntax in this ArcGIS Blog post :

This works for symbolizing by predominant species harvested. However, I lose the ability to filter the data by species in the dashboard since now I have 5 species fields instead of one. Unless I am missing a way to configure the dashboard filter to search multiple fields?  @KristianEkenes      your article was so informative, but for predominance mapping is there a way to filter by predominant categories?

Goal 2: Proportional sized predominant symbols based on the feature sum count to the overall map count.

So the size of the symbol for fish harvest would be colored to show predominant species harvested (goal 1), but then sized proportional to the total harvest for that time period. Currently I can get a proportional symbol but the size is only relative to the total harvest at that centroid. I believe it would be equivalent to the $map harvest or data store, but these are not available at the symbology level.

I would so very much appreciate any ideas. I would think predominance mapping is currently being used in dashboards?

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