Point Features Disappear When Zooming In On Web Map

11-13-2018 10:02 AM
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I created a web map that uses three point layers and it looks fine when zoomed out to the full extent of the map but when zooming in the points become so small that they essentially disappear.

I've only seen the change symbol size as a setting for these point layers.

I set the visibility range to All.

Is there a way to have these points remain visible when zooming in?



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Hello David,

It sounds like a reference scale is set somewhere. Did you publish this data initially from ArcGIS Desktop or ArcGIS Pro at all? And if so, was there a reference scale set there? I don't remember us having an option to set a reference scale in ArcGIS Online, so the only way I can think of this happening would be if it carried that property over from the publishing process.

Is the service a feature service or tile service? Do you have a link to a public map that displays this behavior?


-- Rachel

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Rachel Guttmacher
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Hello Rachel,

thank you for your reply. The data was published from ArcGIS Desktop initially and there is no reference scale associated with it. point features

There are 3 layers in the map displaying this behavior: Structures, Town, Camp.

http://arcg.is/W8Lm   Please see the map here.




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Any solution to this?

I am experiencing the same thing with a hosted feature layer that I have edited in ArcGIS Pro. Data is originally published from a Survey123 app then edited using field calculator in ArcGIS Pro (editing geometry using field calc)

It's like the spatial index needs rebuilding. 

I have tried using the "rebuild Index" in the item details -> settings page (see screenshot below)
I can see your features in that web map @David Williams so perhaps it rebuilds an index eventually?