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Plan Routes tool failing

02-02-2021 10:42 AM
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Hi all,

I've used Plan Routes without issue before, but now I am receiving error messages that the tool has failed with and without explanation.  The tool is still consuming credits whether it generates an output or not.  When the tool gives an explanation, it says fewer than my specified number of vehicles were able to complete the routes, leaving some points unassigned (normal, I'm fine with that).  The last sentence then says "Plan Routes failed", and there is an empty feature layer created.  Has anyone found a work around for this issue?  

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Did you hit any of the following limitations?

  • No more than 2,000 stops can by specified.
  • No more than 100 vehicles can be routed.
  • No more than 200 stops per vehicle can be specified.
  • Traffic conditions are not available for travel modes in the Plan Routes tool.
  • An error will occur if the tool takes more than 4 hours to execute. If this error occurs, try rerunning the analysis with fewer input features.
  • You can specify up to 250 features to act as point barriers.
  • If the number of street features intersected by all the line barriers exceeds 500, the tool returns an error.
  • If the number of street features intersected by all the polygon barriers exceeds 2,000, the tool returns an error.
  • The straight-line distance between all the stops and the start and end locations for the route cannot be greater than 27 miles (43.45 kilometers) when the travel mode is Walking Time or Walking Distance.

Limitations in running Plan Routes tool 


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I don't believe any of the limitations have been hit, I'm trying to route 50 points with 7 vehicles across a small area.

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