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Overwriting feature service removes default values in map viewer and FieldMaps

10-20-2022 11:30 AM
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Hello all! 

I've come across a strange issue where I'm not sure if its a bug or I forgot some basic GIS common sense.

I have a hosted feature service in AGOL. Points with related 1:M table. The points had some default values set in place in ArcGIS Pro (v3.01) prior to publishing. But now I had to change some of the default values, and since you can't change a default value post publishing, I planned to overwrite the service with the new changes.

But after overwriting, all the default values previously set in place were mostly gone. By which I mean, 

the default values are shown correctly in the item details-->Data-->Fields page of the hosted feature service.


They don't appear in either the map viewer or the classic map viewer when you try to create a new point. Nor do they appear in ArcGIS FieldMaps. 

I've had to recreate the entire thing to get around this. New FGDB, New feature classes and table, new Pro map, and new hosted feature service. Can be done this way, but I'd prefer to overwrite instead of recreating the whole thing.

Is this a bug or user error?

Also I have it published as an editable service, with export and sync enable if that helps.



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I actually heard about this today. The short of it is that I think it's stored in the Template, not the actual feature class.

So, apparently, to do this, you open up the template in Pro and go to the attributes page.

Each attribute should be blue on the left side.


Change the default value(s).

The attributes should turn green or grey 


Green or grey will work when you upload it, but blue won't.

*Full disclosure I got this secondhand and have not tried it myself, but it's at least something to consider.



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Often when you overwrite a hosted feature layer (at least with schema changes), you will have to completely remove it from the web map and re-add it.  Then, then changes you made should be visible.  Really a pain to remove/re-add/re-configure, but better than re-creating the whole thing.


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