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Organizational Account

05-23-2019 01:41 PM
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One of our clients are new to GIS and would like to see the GIS functionalities So we created ArcGIS online and purchased 1 GIS Professional and 4 viewer. Here is the challenge we couldn't see the Organization page to add/ remove users and assign the roles..

Srikanth Dasari

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Hello Srikanth,

Please make sure you do the following when troubleshooting ArcGIS Online Organizational Account issues:

  • Assure you are logging into and not
  • Assure you have activated your new AGOL subscription from the email you received after purchasing it (You will have been tasked with creating an organization name and short URL before you can sign into AGOL)
  • If the above have been completed, assure you are signing into the correct Email address / Username to access ArcGIS Online. (A common problem is when users have a previously-used trial account and then purchase an AGOL subscription on a new account, and then still try to log in using the old account or email.)


- TB