Ordnance Survey Local Buildings

04-13-2021 02:36 AM
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The data within the OS published Local buildings has lots of potential to give insight into the composition of the density of the built-up area across the UK. Much more insight than the population data or government density data. 

So you can get the data into ArcGIS online - and you can view the data, but that is all you seem to be able to do with the data. 

The data comprises 14m+ records, with the area of shape and length as below.  I would like to calculate the m2 of buildings within certain size bands 0-350, 350 -1000, 1000, within the UK, by region and down to the county. I was looking to add the Urban/Rural geographic overlay to see if I could add a bit more colour.

I have tried to:

a) cluster (too big even in BETA)
b) to create a simple sum in dashboard - which does work if there isn't too much data ( works at 8k which I can filter using size etc)  errors 'Cannot Access Data' 
c) to join / aggregate - might work, but it's a lot of money if the system wont be able to cope with that level of data. 

Has anyone got any ideas on how I might tackle this? I'm not sure if I am only after the numbers for a one of report as such or whether it will be useful for other reports cut differently.  So if I need to upgrade to a different version of the package. I know I am probably pushing the boundaries of the possible! 

Data from OSData from OS

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