option to export feature layer missing

06-27-2017 07:02 AM
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help, i have a feature layer stored in ArcGIS Online and i can export it no problem (but them i am the administrator) but my other users can't export the data, they don't get the option even thought i have enabled "Allow others to export to different formats."

what am i missing?



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Are there any export options for "others"? Or are none showing? Can you share this data on this thread?

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Hi Adrian,

thanks for the quick reply, they don't get any option to export, all they get is:

'open in map viewer'

'open in scene viewer'

'open in ArcGIS desktop'

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Have you followed the Extract Data—ArcGIS Online Help | ArcGIS workflow?

Ask the users to clear the cache of their browser and try again.

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thanks Jayanta, yea i've followed the workflow, i have asked one of the users to clear their cache to see if that works, i'll post an update later on


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Hi Stuart,

Do the other users have the ability to create content in ArcGIS Online?  When you perform the export it creates a zipped file (i.e. zipped File Geodatabase) under your content.  If users don't have permissions to create content in AGOL they won't be able to perform the export.

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To clarify what Jake is saying for anyone else who finds themselves here: ArcGIS Online accounts assigned the 'Data Editor'  role cannot export layers, because they cannot create new items. Administrators must upgrade users to the 'Publisher' role in order for them to be able to see the Export Files button.

* And, yes, this is not intuitive, since the Data Editor role is listed below Administrator and above Publisher in the Roles drop down. Upon closer inspection, this appears to be an alphabetical ordering, and not the hierarchy it implies.

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@JoeBryant1  Thanks for the tip about updating the role to Publisher.  That was the resolution I needed for our issue.

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Thanks Joe. But can that person still function in all the "Data Editor" roles? The user roles and what permissions they impart are neither well documented, nor intuitive (or even logical). I really don't want to set everyone in my organization to an admin, just so they can get their work done.

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