open data items listing as duplicate types

04-08-2019 08:57 AM
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I have noticed that a small number of web services in my open data site are showing up under both "map" and "data" categories.

Every web service on the site was added the same way.  A REST URL was added to AGOL as an item.  The item was made public and shared with the open data group.  The open data site only consumes web services from this group.  In all cases the AGOL metadata link is the same for both category types so I know it is not a case of an app with the same name  getting listed by accident.

The web services should only be listed as downloadable data.  I can see no difference in how these items were listed from any of the other services that don't have duplicate entries.  I only want them listed as downloadable data. 

Has anyone seen this before?  I have attached an example below.  Both the map and data entries for "TIP 2017-2020" go to the same AGOL item page.

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