Object ID as the primary key in a feature class is not populating the foreign key in a related table.

08-20-2020 08:11 AM
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I need some advice from some database gurus out there.  In AGOL I have an inspection table that I can't get the foreign key to populate.  The feature class is set up with a 1:m relationship using the OBJECTID as the primary key. I assumed you could use OBJECTID as the primary key as long as you don't split features.  I need the IDs to be sequential so if a new feature is created the ID auto generates, and I need it to auto-populate in the related table.

What is interesting is that using ArcGIS Desktop there are no issues. If I create an inspection report the OBJECTID auto-populates the related table. But when I bring it into AGOL this doesn't happen. Essentially the records are orphaned.

I'm not very experienced setting up these related tables so I may be approaching this the wrong way. If the OBJECTID isn't the best approach then I'm all ears.

Thoughts/Insights/Clarifications are welcome.

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