Not sure which web app to choose to view and edit Survey123 Data

07-19-2021 12:02 PM
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Note: I am hoping that this question is specific enough. And I don't necessarily need a detailed response with step by step instructions, but a place to start or if anyone knows of an example that does something similar that might help guide me. 🙂 Thank you!


I am trying to build a web app or dashboard or something in AGOL to keep track of my agency’s vehicle inventory. I attended some of the sessions available at this year’s Esri user conference and also watched tens of Youtube videos applications in AGOL, but I am still unsure which template or which specific application development process would best fit my needs.


I am essentially trying to keep track of all of our agency’s vehicles and equipment (with info such as: where they are housed in the state, if their insurance, oil changes, etc. are up to date, how many miles are on the vehicles and so on). This info will be updated periodically throughout the year (say, every quarter or so). I have a bunch of existing inventory data in Excel (which is what we are using currently to keep track of all the vehicles). I also made a Survey123 Survey that would collect all the necessary info about each vehicle. I can append the existing data to the survey feature service so I have the existing data in AGOL now too.


Now, I want to create a web app that would allow my colleagues within the agency to do the following:

  1. View an interactive map with the location of each vehicle as points. If they click on a point, it gives them the current info (mileage, insurance expiration, etc.) for that vehicle.
  2. Ability to edit the contents of each point’s pop up quarterly (e.g. new mileage, or new insurance card). Also, possibly even change the location of a feature since occasionally the vehicles are transferred to different offices.
  3. A link to the survey123 survey and/or a way to add completely new features/vehicles to the map with the info that is on my Survey123 form.
  4. Everything above to be available for a Mobile user AND someone with a computer and web browser.


I tried the basic viewer web app option and it let me edit the existing features, but I didn’t find a way to add new features. Is that possible? Or does anyone know of a better application that could be used? Also, is there a way to keep track of “versions” of the data? E.g. if the existing pop up data is edited, is there a way to keep the old data as an archive somewhere? I have used Collector in the past with our surveys to accomplish the things above but I thought that Collector was just a mobile app? And we want people to be able to access this from both desktop and mobile.




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